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Primary Knowledge Curriculum

The Primary Knowledge Curriculum has been created by the Knowledge Schools Trust’s primary curriculum team.

It is a carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to inspire pupils, overcome inequality of opportunity and promote excellent outcomes for all.

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Knowledge Organisers

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Early Years Primary Knowledge Curriculum

Here you will find the Knowledge Organisers for the Primary Knowledge Curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage for you to download and view.

Expressive Arts and Design

Colour- Michaelmas A

Lines - Lent A

What can I see around me? - Lent B

Animals in Art - Trinity A

People in Art - Trinity B

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

King & Queens - Lent A

Forces & Transport - Lent B

Growing & Changing - Trinity A

Olympic & Greek Myths - Trinity B

 Primary Knowledge Curriculum KS1

Here you will find the Knowledge Organisers for the Primary Knowledge Curriculum for Key Stage 1 for you to download and view.

Year 1 Year 2

Around My School- Michaelmas A

Seven Continents - Lent A

Prehistoric Britain - Lent B

Kings & Queens - Trinity A

Parliament & Prime Minsters - Trinity B

Maps and Globes - Michaelmas A

The UK - Lent A

Ancient Egypt - Lent B

Romans - Trinity A

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings - Trinity B


The Human Body - Michaelmas A

Seasons & Weather - Lent A

Taking Care of the Earth - Lent B

Plants - Trinity A

Materials & Magnets - Trinity B

Living things in their environments - Michaelmas A

The Human Body - Lent A

Matter - Lent B

Electricity - Trinity A

Astronomy - Trinity B


Colour - Michaelmas A

Architecture & Sculpture - Lent A

Language of Art - Lent B

Children in Art - Trinity A

Investigating Sculpture - Trinity B

Colour and Shape - Michaelmas A

Self Portraits - Lent A

Art of Ancient Egypt - Lent B

Murals & Tapestries - Trinity A

Early Christian & Medieval Art in England - Trinity B


Primary Knowledge Curriculum KS2 

Here you will find the Knowledge Organisers for the Primary Knowledge Curriculum for Key Stage 2 for you to download and view.

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

Spatial Sense- Michaelmas A

Settlements - Lent A

Rivers - Lent B

India & China - Trinity A

Japan - Trinity B

Spatial Sense- Michaelmas A

Eastern Europe - Lent A

South East of England - Lent B

South West of England - Trinity A

Northern Ireland - Trinity B


Spatial Sense-Michaelmas A


Ancient Greece- Michaelmas A

Constraints on Royal Power - Lent A

War of the Roses - Lent B

Henry VIII - Trinity A

Edward VI, Mary I & Elizabeth I - Trinity B

Life in Ancient Rome - Michaelmas A

Punic Wars - Lent A

Julius Caesar - Lent B

James I & the Gunpowder Plot - Trinity A

The reign of Charles II - Trinity B

Baghdad- Michaelmas A


Cycles of Nature - Michaelmas A

Insects - Lent A

Human Body - Lent B

Simple Machines - Trinity A

Magnetism - Trinity B

Classification of Plants and Animals - Michaelmas A

Light & Optics - Lent A

Sound - Lent B

Ecology - Trinity A

Astronomy - Trinity B


Circulation and Respiration- Michaelmas A


Line- Michaelmas A

Landscape & Symmetry - Lent A

Mythological Paintings - Lent B

Architecture - Trinity A

Modern Architecture - Trinity B

Light - Michaelmas A

Design in Art - Lent A

Needlework - Lent B

Monuments of Ancient Rome - Trinity A

Monuments of Byzantium - Trinity B

Style- Michaelmas A

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