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West London Free School - Primary

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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Our Computing curriculum aims to equip pupils with the foundations for understanding the ever-changing digital world in which they live by offering opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will enable them to use, confidently and competently, computational thinking and creativity in the disciplines of Computer Science, Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Online Safety.  Pupils will build a body of key foundational computing knowledge as they work through the curriculum, developing their creativity, resilience, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, developing a sense of curiosity about the world around them and to enable them to become responsible digital citizens.  

Pupils are taught units of work based on the Teach Computing curriculum and its curriculum support.  The curriculum ensures progression in skills and knowledge to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology. These skills are revisited repeatedly to ensure that the learning is embedded and extended appropriately. Our computing curriculum allows all pupils to embrace and utilise technology in a socially responsible and safe way.  

Following the Teach Computing curriculum will allow children to understand and apply their knowledge cross the following areas: 

  • Computing systems and networks 
  • Creating media 
  • Programming 
  • Data and information 

Computing Curriculum Map


Navigating the internet safely is of paramount importance at our schools. We have an Online Safety policy that provides guidance for teachers and pupils about how to use the Internet safely. Each computing lesson incorporates an e-safety scenario or question to continually build pupil’s understanding of the importance of being safe on the Internet along with being a responsible digital citizen. This is further explored through the use of Project Evolve resources in phase assemblies.