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West London Free School - Primary

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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Welcome to

"The West London and Earl's Court Free School Primaries PTA"



We are so pleased to have a committee of both old and new members. We are thankful to be able to draw on the experience of the returning members, as well as the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of the new members. Both Earl's Court and West London are well represented on the committee and it is wonderful to have so many staff representatives joining the committee this year. 

The Committee is outlined below, but all parents, carers and staff are members of the WL and EC Free School Primaries PTA.  You have not missed your chance to be involved! There are going to be so many opportunities to support the PTA this year. Do you have any skills or hobbies that you could share with us?

Please do get in touch! PTA@wlfs-primary.org


The Committee


Angela Paterson (5) EC

Jaime Paul (2&6) WL
Co-Vice Chairs Dee Purdy (6) WL Honor Mercer (4) WL
Treasurer Mehri Nosrati Golijan (5) EC
Vice-Treasurer Ruxandra Boeriu (5) WL
Secretary Kate de Wys (3) WL
Cash Officers Mehrin Karim (3) WL Sorcha Shepherd (3) WL
Suzanne Martin (6) WL
Voting Committee Members Katie Ahiabor (3) EC Kameel Ahmady (2) EC
Gizem Eren (5) EC Chris Feige (1&3) WL
Anabel Leibovic Farrar (4) EC Julie Weir (5) WL
Natasha Barber (4&5) EC Peri Cartledge (3) WL

Deeanne Burke (R)

Gemma North (5)
Angela Evangelos Ciara Linder
Fiona Battah Tyson Evans
Head Teacher Marianne Chapman


 class reps

Our wonderful Class Reps are invaluable members of the school community. Amongst other things, Class Reps will pass messages on from the PTA, send helpful reminders (usually through WhatsApp groups) about class and school activities,  and are often one of the first friendly faces to meet new families joining our schools.



Layla Barnohujaeva

Preea Caroe



Please speak with the school office


Nick Ginsberg

Year 1


Samah Bensaad

Chris Bunyan


Lina Nikolopoulou



Haleema Zahir

Year 2


Meenal Dhir


Travis Schedler



Tripti Gupta

Year 3


Sorcha Shepherd

Viktoria Vamosi


Caroline Klein

Kirsty Shales


Kerry White

Tina Owen

Year 4





Aumnia Sukar

Ingrid Francois



Year 5


Robin Osborne

Charlotte Shima



Please speak with the school office


M Shujait Bashir

Year 6

Gershwin, Kendall and Suzuki

Suzanne Martin

Dee Purdy



events calendar

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

3rd December- woodland Winter Fair

 21st October - Halloween Nearly New Sale

21st October - Own Clothes Day

31st October - Pumpkin Carving Competition

3rd November - Year 6 Bake Sale


17th November Pre Loved Uniform Sale

Donations of Christmas Jumpers

Children in Need Bake Sale


24th November- Christmas Jumper Pre-Loved Sale


December - Christmas Cards, Tea Towels and Mugs designed by our children


3rd December - Woodland Winter Fair


 3rd December- Reception Bake Sale @ the Winter Fair


 6th December- Year 1 and 2 Christmas show- refreshments

7th December -  Year 3 and 4 Christmas show- refreshments

8th December -  Year 5 and 6 Christmas show- refreshments


Friday 9th December-  Christmas Jumper Day


Coffee Mornings- run by the school

31st March-Easter Egg Hunt

19th January - Year 5 Bake Sale


26th January - Pre Loved Uniform Sale


2nd February - International Food Market


9th February- Movie Night 


10th February -  Own Clothes Day


23rd February - Year 1 Bake Sale


27th February -12th March - Reading Event


9th March- Pre Loved Uniform Sale


23rd March- Year 2 Bake Sale




 Photo Exhibition Calendar

Family Games Night

Inter-School Sports Competitions

Wine and Cheese Evening

Photography Competition

Ice Lolly Sales

Coffee Mornings - run by the school


1st july - Summer Fair

4th May - Year 3 Bake Sale


 11th May - Pre Loved Uniform Sale


25th May - Summer Movie Night


15th June - Year 4 Bake Sale


22nd June -  Pre Loved Uniform Sale


26th May- Own Clothes Day


6th July - Strawberries and Cream for Wimbledon Week








Quiz and Auction Night

Year 6 Leavers Disco

Disco Nights

Sports Day- providing refreshments

Teddy Bear Picnic- to welcome the 23/24 Reception Class

Ice Lolly Sales

Coffee Mornings - run bythe school

 Do you want to lead or support with the organisation of an event?

Get in touch! pta@wlfs-primary.org

upcoming Events


 PTA Supporters

The WL and EC Free School Primaries PTA would like to thank the following for their support:




Newsletter updates

11th November 2022

4th November 2022

31st October 2022

14th October 2022

PTA Fair Documents


Important pta Documents

Committee meetings

19th October 2022

3rd November 2022

11th January 2023

22nd February 2023

19th April 2023

7th June 2023

Past Events



Amount Raised

Woodland Winter Fair

3rd December 2022


Festive Cards deigned by the children

December 2022


Year 6 Bake Sale

3rd November 2022


Pumpkin Carving Competition

31st October 2022


Own Clothes Day

21st October 2022


Halloween Nearly New Sale

21st October 2022