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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Reception - Bubble Closure June 2021


Reception - Lent A Term


Hello Reception - Welcome to your week of Home Learning.  We have arranged for 2 class Zoom meetings this week - Monday and Wednesday.  We have emailed the meeting information to your parents.  Please upload as much of your work as you can, so that your class LSO and teacher can mark them.


Lessons for Trinity Term B, Week 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
English 5.1

English 5.2


 English 5.3

English 5.4


Maths 5.1

Maths Resource

Maths 5.2


Maths 5.3


Maths 5.4

PKC 1.1

Video Link


PKC 1.2 PSHE 1.1 PSHE 1.2
Phonics (ay)

Phonics (ee)

Phonics (air)



Phonics (igh)

Phonics (ai)

Phonics (ow)

Phonics (ea)

Phonics Review