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Reception - Lent B Term

Reception - Lent A Term


Hi Reception, this is our last week of remote learning! From next week, we shall all be in the classroom together. It will be so lovely to see your smiley faces and to hear what you have all been doing at home. We have some great lessons prepared for you this week, enjoy!

In English, we are going to go on an adventure with Naughty Bus! He loves exploring, but manages to get into trouble wherever he goes, even the police are looking for him. In our first lesson, we will be learning about calligrams, and how the author has used them in the story! In our second lesson, we will help the police find the Naughty Bus by writing a Wanted poster. This will be the marked piece of work on j2e. In lesson three, we will discover that the 'naughty,' fairy has torn the last few pages of the book!  We will have to create our own alternative endings. 

This week in maths, we have started a new unit ‘Numbers Within 20’. We will be learning to recognise, quickly recall and write numbers 0-20, as well as ordering them correctly. We will be creating concrete representations of different numbers and identifying which number is greater by looking at which number has more or fewer. We will also use a number line to explore one greater and one less than a given number.

In our Primary Knowledge Curriculum lessons, we will be learning all about cars! That's right! We will be having a deeper look into how cars move by learning about how engines work. We will also get a chance to make some comparisons between old and new cars. We will then move on to learning about road safety and some of the different types of road crossings that we may see. The children will be encouraged to create their own car or design a road safety poster. 

In our PSHE lesson we will be learning about 'mindful movement'. The children will be taught how our brain, body and heart are linked to each other and that we are in control of them. We will be doing some mindful movement activities such as jumping jacks and as well as a brain break, to see how it effects our emotions and body. 

We hope you have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you all back in the classroom soon!


Lesson for Lent A Term - Click Here

Lessons for Lent B Term - Reception

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Lent B

Week 2

English Maths Science Other
English Lent B 2.1

Maths Lent B 2.1


Art Lent B 2 PSHE Lent B 2

English Lent B 2.2

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Maths Lent B 2.2

French Lent B 2


PKC Lent B 2.1


English Lent B 2.3 Maths Lent B 2.3 Music Lent B 2

PKC Lent B 2.2


Maths Meeting 2 Maths Lent B 2.4 PE Lent B 2
English Maths Specialists Other


Lent B

Week 1

English Lent B 1.1 Maths Lent B 1.1

Art Lent B 1

PSHE Lent B 1

English Lent B 1.2

Maths Lent B 1.2


French Lent B 1


PKC Lent B 1.1
English Lent B 1.3

Maths Lent B 1.3

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Music Lent B 1 PKC Lent B 1.2
Maths Meeting 1

Maths Lent B 1.4


PE Lent B 1 Computing