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Year 4 - Lent B Term

Reception - Lent A Term

 Hello Year 4  

 During our class zoom, we will be discussing our favourite books linked to World Book Day. So please come along with a book/poem/comic you have read recently. 

 In Maths this week, we are starting a new unit on fractions. We will begin by recapping our mathematical vocabulary that we use throughout to discuss fractions. We will then look at identifying fractions of a quantity and then moving into fractions of an amount. Our knowledge of fractions will then help us to identify equivalent fractions.

 In English this week, we will be writing our explanation texts on light. The children will need to be prepared with all their planning, diagrams and word banks from week 1’s lessons. We will be collating all our knowledge on light, so ready your formal writing tone! Please upload this to be marked by your teacher.

In Geography we are going to learn about tourism in Northern Ireland and look at several places of interest in this country. Once we have enough information, we are going to create a leaflet to convince people to visit Northern Ireland.

In Science this week we will be learning about the natural food cycle. We will be looking closely at the producers, consumers and decomposers. We will be discovering why each living organism is so vital for the other.
In History this week we will be learning about the ‘Divine Right of Kings’. We will be exploring how James I belief impacted on the views and opinions of Parliament and what impact that may have had on his reign.  

In PSHE, we will be looking at recognising and managing dares. We will be discussing what makes a dare, as well as how to handle challenging situations around dares.

In Mrs Wordsmith, we will be focusing on smell words and looking at synonyms and co-locates for these words.

Keep up the good work, have fun and keep safe! 

Year 4 Team 


Lesson for Lent A Term - Click Here

Lessons for Lent B Term - Year 4




Lent B

Week 2

English Maths Specialists Other
English Lent B 2.1

Maths Lent B 2.1


Art Lent B 2 PSHE Lent B 2
English Lent B 2.2

Maths Lent B 2.2

French Lent B 2


History Lent B 2


English Lent B 2.3

Maths Lent B 2.3



Music Lent B 2

Geography Lent B 2


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Resource iii

Resource iv

English Lent B 2.4

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Maths Lent B 2.4


PE Lent B 2

Science Lent B 2


Mrs Wordsmith Lent B 2
English Maths Specialists Other


Lent B

Week 1

English Lent B 1.1


Maths Lent B 1.1


Art Lent B 1

PSHE Lent B 1

English Lent B 1.2

Maths Lent B 1.2


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French Lent B 1 History Lent B 1

English Lent B 1.3


Maths Lent B 1.3


Music Lent B 1


Geography Lent B 1


English Lent B 1.4


Maths Lent B 1.4


PE Lent B 1

Science Lent B 1

Resource i

Resource ii

Resource iii

Mrs Wordsmith Lent B 1 Computing