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Year 5 - Lent B Term

Reception - Lent A Term

 Hello Year 5,

We are so excited to be welcoming you back into our classrooms again very soon. We have all been so impressed with the work you have produced over the last couple of weeks.

We have some wonderful topics to study this week, many of which will continue once we return to school so let’s ensure a strong finish with our home learning this week and feel proud of all the fantastic work that has been done so far so that we can start well back at school next week!

In English, we will be continuing our unit on the text Varmints by Helen Ward – but now focussing on writing a diary entry. In Maths, we are starting a new topic which will continue at school next week: calculating whole numbers and decimals. In PKC, we will continue our History unit studying the Industrial Revolution looking more closely at cotton spinning (this will be marked in-depth this week by your teachers). Science will involve investigating meteorology, the study of weather, and how it affects our daily lives. In Geography, we will continue our study of Australia.

During our class zoom, we will be discussing our favourite books. So please come along with a book/poem/comic you have read recently.

We are all wishing you well and look forward to seeing you back at school next week!

The Year 5 Team

 Lesson for Lent A Term - Click Here

Lessons for Lent B Term - Year 5



Lent B

Week 2

English Maths Specialists Other

English Lent B 2.1


Maths Lent B 2.1

Resource i

Resource ii

Art Lent B 2 PSHE Lent B 2

English Lent B 2.2


Maths Lent B 2.2


French Lent B 2


History Lent B 2

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English Lent B 2.3


Maths Lent B 2.3 Music Lent B 2

Geography Lent B 2


English Lent B 2.4


Maths Lent B 2.4


PE Lent B 2 Science Lent B 2
Spelling Lent B 2


English Maths Specialists Other


Lent B

Week 1

English Lent B 1.1


Maths Lent B 1.1


Art Lent B 1

PSHE Lent B 1

English Lent B 1.2


Maths Lent B 1.2


French Lent B 1

History Lent B 1

Resource i

Resource ii

English Lent B 1.3


Maths Lent B 1.3


Music Lent B 1

Geography Lent B 1

Resource i

Resource ii

Resource iii

English Lent B 1.4

Maths Lent B 1.4

PE Lent B 1

Science Lent B 1


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Spelling Lent B 1 Computing